What is Nude food café ?

Nude Food Café, a new breed of food establishment vows to do away with food waste, entirely.

The world of Nude Food Café passionately revolves around serving high quality cuisine with love. While offering the most delectable dishes and an astounding hospitality experience to our patrons, we strive to work towards our prime objective – leave no waste behind.

What is Nude Food?

Serving safe food isn’t an option, it’s our obligation! And hence we vouch to serve our patrons only nude food – food that is simply fresh, healthy and nutritious and at the same time environment friendly. Simply put, food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or any other excessive commercial packaging will be on our menu.

Nude Food Cafe

Keeping the bin in mind

Our model is unique – We will work from back to front, always keeping the bin in mind. As much as we love to see you devour our sumptuous meal, we make sure the leftovers, either from the kitchen or from the dining table, does not take the route to the landfill.

While you satiate your hunger, our specially designed compost mechanism set up in our backyard, will turn most of our restaurant’s scraps and trimmings directly into compost. We have curated the Mediterranean cuisine in a way to help us advocate our core objective – waste no food and make no garbage. We sincerely hope to become the first zero waste café in Mumbai.

Nude Food Cafe

Refuse Reduce Reuse

Our team of young restaurateurs strongly advocate issues such as climate change, global warming and sustainability and realize the importance of treating our natural resources in a way that it leads to better treating our planet. We hope to become a dialogue for our initiative – Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse.

Refuse: We will refuse to buy items that makes use of plastic or other material that can be used only once for packaging.

Reduce: We will restrict the amount of waste we create in our premise, which means we will procure products that require less packaging and go in for more sustainable options.

Reuse: As far as possible we will reuse things which otherwise would be thrown away. By doing so, we intend to make use of fewer natural resources and thereby contribute our bit towards saving energy that is needed to get a replacement.

Nude Food Cafe

Farm to Kitchen

Food connoisseurs rejoice the choice and benefits of eating locally-grown fresh produce and we too are against using any packaged food and hence all our dishes will be made from natural and organic ingredients. We choose food sources that respect the natural order without unnecessary processing. All our raw material will be procured fresh from the farms which will not only boost the local economy but will also help reduce the carbon footprint. We vow to provide only quality through purity and make every single ingredient fresh on-site, thus retaining the nutrients and its taste intact. Real food indeed tastes fresh and better.

We firmly believe that the choices we make impact the world around us and hence we will help you make conscious choices for your needs and wants as well. We believe in a circular economy and when we ensure that nothing goes to waste, we are ensuring that the circle of good will pay us in future.