About Our Team

Siddhant Padte, Co-Founder

A dynamic entrepreneur, chef, activist and environmentalist, he aims to pioneer a new era in Mumbai with his first zero waste restaurant, by treating the waste before it reaches the landfill. His restaurant at Elephanta Island has already become the 99 per cent single use plastic free restaurant on the entire island. Through his Waste Matters Foundation, an NGO, he is already working on the SSC management – Sensitisation, Segregation & Collection which is crucial with regards to the problems of waste management.

Ajinkya More, Co-Founder

A chef by profession, Ajinkya’s sincere love for food pushes him in blending recipes with his unique twist. His management skills, knowledge and over a decade and a half experience of working in the food industry has enhanced his career behind the stove. As much as he enjoys to eat, he loves to formulate and innovate recipes that are not just delicious but also bring out that happy feeling.